Live top-up of perlite at Zhuhai

Keltech did a preliminary examination of the tanks to see physical signs of condensation, frost, corrosion, algae as well as check paints & coatings. Tests were also conducted to check the existing levels of perlite.

Our experienced engineers were able to discuss with clients and explain in detail the technical aspects and engineering requirements of this specialist operation. Adequate rehearsals apart from safety drills were held for all the operations.

Keltech had the equipment and the experience to inject fresh perlite into the tank to fill up the voids to eliminate these cold spots. Liquified gas storage tanks have to be topped up live using special injection pots, and the transfer of perlite was effected utilizing pressurized Nitrogen. This ensured that there is no addition of oxygen to the atmosphere inside the intermediate space which normally has a high content of flammable gases.

This operation was carried out under strictly controlled procedures which have been developed and successfully followed on a variety of LNG tanks following a precise and well tested procedure using specially designed equipment and processes to ensure ZERO EMISSIONS.

By proper positioning of the top-up nozzles, it was possible to inject the perlite under pressure, controlling the direction of the jet to ensure that the space between each nozzle was refilled and the perlite reinstated to the original and required level.