About Us


KELTECH ENERGIES LTD is a public limited company, manufacturing Cartridge Explosives, Bulk Emulsion Explosives, Mono Methyl Amine Nitrate (MMAN) solutions, Accessories for Explosives, Expanded Perlite Products & Perlite Filter Aid.

Established in 1977, the Company is part of the US $ 300 million Chowgule Group having interests in mining, shipping, ship building, industrial salts, automobiles, construction chemicals, iron ore, pelletization, industrial gases, explosives, expanded perlite and exports.

Keltech is also a globally preferred technology provider in the area of low temperature cryogenic insulation of LNG, Ethylene, Propylene, Butane, Propane, Ethane, LOX, LIN, LAR, Ammonia, Cold boxes and other cryogenic equipment.

Keltech leverages its technological capabilities combined with its unparalleled experience and domain knowledge to bring in world class quality, reliability, speed and cost effectiveness in executing projects.

Key areas of operation include: Manufacture of explosives, cryogenic insulation, perlite filter aid, horticulture products as well as perlite products for the construction, refractory & foundry Industries.


From modest beginnings in 1916, the 100 year old Chowgule Group has burgeoned into an industrial empire. Looking outward, it blazed a technological trail, transforming itself from a trading outfit into a profitable conglomerate where technological and management sophistication co-exist with a simple traditional people-oriented outlook driven by values gleaned from its beginnings.

Diversification into strategic fields is the driving force behind Chowgules. It is closely linked to the needs of a fast developing nation. Today, Chowgules are leaders in a range of critical activities in the core sector of India’s Industry: Iron Ore Mining, Pelletization, Exports, Shipbuilding, Cranes, Ship owners operating in the International Tramp Trade, Industrial Explosives, Industrial Salt, Industrial Gases, Waterproofing products, Agency, Logistics, Insurance Services and Marketing Agencies.

A Group built on foundations of ceaseless endeavour and foresight besides speeding up the pace of industrialization, creates employment opportunities, respects environment and, most importantly, discharges social responsibility.

Today, Chowgule Group is advancing ahead contributing immensely to the Socio-Economic development of Goa and the Country.


ISO 9001 QMS Certification
ISO 14001 EMS Certification
OHSAS 18001
FSSAI Registration
HALAL Certification
KOSHER Certification