KELPEAT & KELPEAT PLUS : Ideal Product For Home Gardeners

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KELPEAT & KELPEAT PLUS - Agriculture Products

Keltech Energies manufacturers agriculture products in Bangalore, we manufacturers best quality Kelpeat and Kelpeat plus.For thriving home gardens across India, Keltech Energies stands as the trusted name in organic soil solutions. We are proud to be a leading manufacturer of KELPEAT and KELPEAT PLUS, innovative products crafted from coconut coir to empower your gardening journey.

Physical properties of Kelpeat and Kelpeat Plus are as follows
•  Bulk density: 350 to 400 kgs per cu. m. water holding Capacity upto 500 % by weight
•  Chemical Properties
•  Major Nutrients
•  Nitrogen: 1.4%. Phosphorous 1.4%. Potash 1.4%.

Other Properties
•  PH:5.5 to 6.0
•  EC 0.50 m. mhos
•  Moisture: 70-80%
•  Cellulose 15.00%
•  Lignin 10.00%
•  C.N. ratio 25: 1

Kelpeat is organic Manure prepared from natural material and variation in the properties is expected.
Kelpeat is not a fertilizer though it contains small percentage of major and micronutrients.
Kelpeat or Kelpeat Plus should be used for hardening of tissue culture plantlets only on a selective basis.
•  It improves water holding capacity upto 500% by weight
•  Soil erosion can be reduced by regular application of cocopeat
•  It helps to retain chemical fertilizers in the plant root zone for a longer period
•  It reduces watering frequency in garden crops
•  It increases soil respiration and helps plants to develop strong and healthy root systems
•  It can be used for germination of Hybrid flower and vegetable seeds
•  It improves microbial activities in the soil.
•  Cocopeat Plus helps in breaking up hard and compacted soil rendering it suitable for growth, giving plant life a long lasting effect.
•  It aids irrigation of new soil structure.
•  It eliminates the need for topsoil.
•  It also helps in neutralizing pH of acidic / saline soils.

•  Seed Germination
•  Potting Mix
•  New Lawns
•  Home garden
•  Rooting Media
•  Floriculture
•  Vegetable cultivation
•  Dry land agriculture
•  Plantations
•  Forestry

KELPEAT and KELPEAT PLUS: Excellent Choices for Home Gardeners

Looking to nurture a thriving home garden? Look no further than KELPEAT and KELPEAT PLUS, two excellent choices crafted from nature! These 100% organic and eco-friendly products, derived from coconut coir, offer unique benefits to empower your gardening success.

KELPEAT acts as a moisture maestro, significantly boosting your soil's water retention capacity. This is a game-changer in drier climates or for plants needing consistent hydration. It also conditions the soil, promoting healthy root development for your precious plants. KELPEAT is a perfect partner for seed germination and enriching garden beds, although it might require additional nutrients for long-term plant growth.

KELPEAT PLUS offers the best of both worlds: it combines KELPEAT's water retention with the excellent drainage properties of perlite, a volcanic rock. This innovative blend is ideal for container gardening, where good drainage is essential to prevent root rot. Seed starting trays and rooting cuttings also flourish with KELPEAT PLUS, thanks to the well-aerated and well-draining environment it creates.


  • Ideal for improving soil moisture retention, especially beneficial in areas with frequent watering or sandy soil.<
  • Enhances soil conditioning, promoting healthy root development.
  • Perfect for container gardening, where good drainage is crucial.
  • Well-suited for seed germination and amending garden beds.