KEL bagged the maiden order for supply of Bulk Emulsion Explosives to the prestigious Padur Cavern Project of ISPRL. The Emulsion product and Delivery system were approved by Hindustan Construction Co, the principal contractor of the project and Engineers India Ltd, the Project Management Consultant after a series of stringent field trials. Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Ltd is a Special Purpose Vehicle of Oil Industry Development Board under the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas. The Caverns were constructed for Strategic storage of Crude Oil as a part of Energy Security conceived by the Govt of India. The Caverns once completed would serve to meet contingencies during supply disruptions and to provide an emergency response mechanism. The Caverns would also be immune to enemy attacks from land and air.

KEL successfully executed the order by supplying about 1250 MT of specially formulated Bulk Emulsion explosives in re-engineered and re-designed Delivery systems suitable for underground tunneling operations.

KEL’s Bulk Emulsion explosives have also been successfully field tested in the Himalayan terrain at the Tehri Dam project in Himachal Pradesh.

KEL is now fully poised to undertake and successfully complete any upcoming underground project requiring Bulk Emulsion explosives.