Petronet LNG, Dahej

Project -
Cryogenic Insulation of 2 LNG Tanks (T-105 & T-106), For Petronet LNG,through IHI Corporation, Japan. A total of 1439MT of Perlite ore was expanded, vibrated & filled in these 2 tanks

Location -
Dahej, Gujrat

Challenges -
• Loose soil, strong winds and heavy rains made it difficult to erect and maintain equipment
• Safety of workers in these hostile conditions. Inconsistency of local labour
• Keeping deadlines and avoiding cost overruns
• Running a wet ore- causing jams and clinkers
• Potential damages in the equipment including heating up the motors etc

Result -
Apart from our obsession for quality of work, safety was a top priority. Despite having a experienced team, keltech took extra care in conducting safety exercises, Equipment was kept in top condition with a good stock of spares. Proper raw material storage of perlite was ensured. Finally it was the excellent coordination with the team, sub contractors and the client that ensured the timely and successful completion of the project