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Soilrite-mix is a mixture of horticulture grade expanded perlite, Irish Peat moss and exfoliated vermiculite in equal ratio i.e., 1/3:1/3:1/3.

As Soilrite-mix contains peat moss with Vermiculite, Peat moss serves to increase water- holding capacity of the mix and the proportion of peat is just right to provide the plant the correct air / water ratio.

Packing Soilrite-mix is available in HDPE woven bags of 25 kgs net weight.

•  Improves aeration and drainage
•  Moisture and nutrients made readily available to plants
•  Sterile – weed and disease free
•  Inorganic – does not deteriorate
•  PH essentially neutral 5.5 to 6.5
•  Insulator – reduces extreme soil temperature fluctuations

•  Compost of material with known properties
•  All ingredients are standardized after exhaustive trials
•  Nutrients contents are specifically known
•  Handling and mixing done mechanically
•  PDrainage and aeration are standardized
•  Perlite and vermiculite are manufactured in high temperature conditions, hence no separate sterlization required
•  Disease free and increased land growth response
•  Lightweight and easy to move containers

•  Container growing
•  Landscaping and interspaces
•  Potted plants
•  Plant Propagation
•  Lawns / Turf conditioning
•  Soil Conditioning
•  Outdoor Gardening Plant Tissue cultures
•  Seed germination Rooting cutting
•  Golf Greens Roof Gardens

B2B supplier in horticulture

Keltech Energies has rightfully earned its status as the best B2B supplier in horticulture across PAN India. With a comprehensive product range, Keltech Energies takes pride in offering an extensive and diverse range of horticulture products designed to cater to the unique needs of both businesses and individual consumers. Keltech Energies empowers its customers with innovative products that enhance the productivity and sustainability of horticultural practices. Keltech Energies continues to lead the way in providing top-notch horticulture solutions to businesses and individuals throughout the country.We also provide Potting soil and potting mix are essential components for plant growth, commonly used in gardening, agriculture, horticulture, and landscaping.


Soilrite Mix–TC is a mix made from Irish Peat Moss and Horticultural grade Expanded Perlite [75:25]. Being a sterile media free from pathogens and weeds, this product is exclusively used in the greenhouse for hardening of Tissue culture plants.

Application of Soilrite Mix – TC
•  Hardening of Tissue culture plants
•  Rooting media
•  Germination of seeds

Specification of Soilrite Mix – TC
•  Contents: Irish Peat moss - 75%, Horticulture grade Expanded Perlite -25%
•  PH: 5.5 – 6.5
•  Moisture: 50 – 60%
•  Electrical Conductivity: 0.04 ds / m
•  Organic Carbon: 8%
•  Bulk Density: 300 – 350 kgs per cu. m

Ideal for Greenspaces and Indoor Gardening

SOILRITE-Mix TC's sterile composition and controlled environment properties make it the perfect choice for greenhouses and indoor cultivation. It ensures a clean and healthy growing space for your prized plants.

Why Choose SOILRITE-Mix TC for Your Potting Soil?

  • Premium Quality Ingredients: We use only the highest quality ingredients to create SOILRITE-Mix TC, ensuring optimal performance for your plants.
  • Focus on Innovation: We are constantly striving to develop new and improved solutions for the horticultural industry.
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: We are dedicated to providing exceptional products and support to our customers.


Horticulture grade expanded Perlite

Perlite is an alumino-silicate of volcanic origin, which crushed and heated rapidly expands to form a white light weight stable aggregate, possessing a closed cellular structure. Water is retained only on aggregate surface and in pore spaces between aggregates - the result is a well-drained lightweight media, easy to handle and transport. The aggregate have good structural integrity and do not break down when utilized as a propagating media or in planting mixes. The development of a near ideal structural condition in growing and propagating media is made possible by SOILRITE-C.
Lightweight Structure: Perlite's lightweight structure makes it easy to handle and incorporate into various growing mediums, including potting soils, soilless mixes, and hydroponic systems. Its lightness also promotes ease of root growth and allows for better root aeration.
•  Horticulture
•  Floriculture
•  Media for Orchids cultivation

Packing: Available packed in HDPE woven bags of 10 kgs. Net weight.

Soilrite C: Nurturing Green Spaces with Precision and Care

Elevate your greenspace gardening experience with Soilrite C, a premium and specialized soil conditioner designed to unleash the full potential of your green haven. Crafted with precision and care, Soilrite C is the secret ingredient that transforms ordinary soil into a thriving ecosystem for your plants.Achieve the perfect balance between moisture retention and efficient drainage with Soilrite C. Its unique composition enhances water absorption while preventing waterlogged conditions, ensuring that your green space remains consistently hydrated without compromising the health of your plants.


Kelpeat and Kelpeat Plus are made of scientifically decomposed Coconut Pith. It is 100% Organic Manure and is an eco – friendly soil conditioner. It has appreciable quantities Of NPK and micronutrients.

Kelpeat Plus is a combination of a natural substrate perlite and established organic manure - Coco peat. Both are ideally suited for potted plants, Home gardens, seed Germination, rooting etc.

Physical properties of Kelpeat and Kelpeat Plus are as follows
•  Bulk density: 350 to 400 kgs per cu. m. water holding Capacity upto 500 % by weight
•  Chemical Properties
•  Major Nutrients
•  Nitrogen: 1.4%. Phosphorous 1.4%. Potash 1.4%.

Other Properties
•  PH:5.5 to 6.0
•  EC 0.50 m. mhos
•  Moisture: 70-80%
•  Cellulose 15.00%
•  Lignin 10.00%
•  C.N. ratio 25: 1

Kelpeat is organic Manure prepared from natural material and variation in the properties is expected.
Kelpeat is not a fertilizer though it contains small percentage of major and micronutrients.
Kelpeat or Kelpeat Plus should be used for hardening of tissue culture plantlets only on a selective basis.
•  It improves water holding capacity upto 500% by weight
•  Soil erosion can be reduced by regular application of cocopeat
•  It helps to retain chemical fertilizers in the plant root zone for a longer period
•  It reduces watering frequency in garden crops
•  It increases soil respiration and helps plants to develop strong and healthy root systems
•  It can be used for germination of Hybrid flower and vegetable seeds
•  It improves microbial activities in the soil.
•  Cocopeat Plus helps in breaking up hard and compacted soil rendering it suitable for growth, giving plant life a long lasting effect.
•  It aids irrigation of new soil structure.
•  It eliminates the need for topsoil.
•  It also helps in neutralizing pH of acidic / saline soils.

•  Seed Germination
•  Potting Mix
•  New Lawns
•  Home garden
•  Rooting Media
•  Floriculture
•  Vegetable cultivation
•  Dry land agriculture
•  Plantations
•  Forestry


Kelbrick is a compressed block made from cleaned, dried and sieved coir pith. Sourced from low sodium coir. The blocks are free from weeds and pathogen and have a safe PH and EC value to ensure proper growth of plants.

•  Block Size: 30 cm X 30 cm X 15 cm
•  Compression: 5:1
•  Expansion: 1:5
•  EC: 0.05 d s/m
•  PH: 5.5 to 6.5
•  Moisture: <20%
•  N: < 0.02%
•  P2O5: < 0.5%
•  Appearance: Brownish with approx 10% of cut fibre
•  Weight: 5Kg [±5%]

•  Water retention
•  Increased aeration
•  Quick Wetability
•  Excellent potting medium
•  Eco friendly organic manure

•  Potting mix
•  Hanging Pots
•  Flower beds
•  Vegetable beds
•  Landscaping
•  Lawn
•  Floriculture
•  Roof gardening


This product is exfoliated vermiculite.

Physical Properties
•  Colour : Golden brown
•  Bulk density: 140 – 180 kgs per cu. m.
•  Size grading: 2 mm – 0.150 mm
•  PH: Neutral

•  SiO2: 40%
•  Al2O3: 18%
•  FeO3: 11%
•  K2O: 5%
•  MgO: 13%
•  Na2O: 1%
•  P2O5: Traces
•  C4O3: Traces
•  MgO4: Traces
•  Asbestos: Free

•  Propagation media for mist chamber
•  Horticultural application

Packing: Available packed in PP bags of 10 kgs net weight

Benefits of Using Keltech Energies-Vermiculite:

  • Improved Plant Growth: Our Vermiculite fosters optimal root development, leading to healthier, stronger plants.
  • Enhanced Water Management: Vermiculite helps regulate moisture levels, reducing the risk of overwatering and underwatering.
  • Increased Crop Yield: By creating a healthy and balanced growing environment, Vermiculite can contribute to improved crop yields.
  • Versatile Applications: Our Vermiculite is suitable for a wide range of horticultural applications, from potted plants and seedlings to vegetable gardens and landscaping projects.


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