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Soilrite Mix–TC is a mix made from Irish Peat Moss and Horticultural grade Expanded Perlite [75:25]. Being a sterile media free from pathogens and weeds, this product is exclusively used in the greenhouse for hardening of Tissue culture plants.For horticulturists practicing controlled environment agriculture, Soilrite Mix TC provides the precision needed for maintaining consistent and ideal growing conditions. This is particularly crucial for maximizing yields in greenspace or indoor cultivation.

Application of Soilrite Mix – TC
•  Hardening of Tissue culture plants
•  Rooting media
•  Germination of seeds

Specification of Soilrite Mix – TC
•  Contents: Irish Peat moss - 75%, Horticulture grade Expanded Perlite -25%
•  PH: 5.5 – 6.5
•  Moisture: 50 – 60%
•  Electrical Conductivity: 0.04 ds / m
•  Organic Carbon: 8%
•  Bulk Density: 300 – 350 kgs per cu. m

Transform your outdoor gardening experience with SOILRITE-MIX TC

SOILRITE-MIX TC takes gardening to the next level with its advanced water management capabilities. The unique formula facilitates optimal water retention, ensuring that your plants receive consistent moisture even in varying weather conditions. This feature is particularly crucial for the sustained health and growth of outdoor plants. Outdoor gardens are susceptible to pests and diseases, but SOILRITE-MIX TC minimizes these risks with its sterile composition. By providing a clean and pathogen-free environment, this product contributes to a healthier outdoor garden with fewer concerns about infestations.