Soilrite C- Soil less Potting Mixture

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Horticulture grade expanded Perlite [course material].

Perlite is an alumino-silicate of volcanic origin, which crushed and heated rapidly expands to form a white light weight stable aggregate, possessing a closed cellular structure. Water is retained only on aggregate surface and in pore spaces between aggregates - the result is a well-drained lightweight media, easy to handle and transport. The aggregate have good structural integrity and do not break down when utilized as a propagating media or in planting mixes. The development of a near ideal structural condition in growing and propagating media is made possible by SOILRITE-C. With SOILRITE-C, growers can expect consistent and reliable performance across batches. The standardized composition ensures uniformity in physical and chemical properties, providing a dependable foundation for successful plant cultivation. SOILRITE-C soil less mixture proves to be an invaluableally for growers seeking efficiency, productivity, and environmental consciousness.

•  Horticulture
•  Floriculture
•  Media for Orchids cultivation

Packing: Available packed in HDPE woven bags of 10 kgs. Net weight.