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KELPEAT & KELPEAT PLUS - Agriculture Products

Keltech Energies manufacturers agriculture products in Bangalore, we manufacturers best quality Kelpeat and Kelpeat plus. Kelpeat is made of scientifically decomposed Coir Pith commonly known as Coco Peat. Kelpeat Plus is a combination of Kelpeat & Horticulture Grade expanded perlite. Kelpeat and Kelpeat Plus are made of scientifically decomposed Coconut Pith. It is 100% Organic Manure and is an eco – friendly soil conditioner. It has appreciable quantities Of NPK and micronutrients.

Kelpeat Plus is a combination of a natural substrate perlite and established organic manure - Cocopeat. Both are ideally suited for potted plants, Home gardens, seed Germination, rooting etc.

Physical properties of Kelpeat and Kelpeat Plus are as follows
•  Bulk density: 350 to 400 kgs per cu. m. water holding Capacity upto 500 % by weight
•  Chemical Properties
•  Major Nutrients
•  Nitrogen: 1.4%. Phosphorous 1.4%. Potash 1.4%.

Other Properties
•  PH:5.5 to 6.0
•  EC 0.50 m. mhos
•  Moisture: 70-80%
•  Cellulose 15.00%
•  Lignin 10.00%
•  C.N. ratio 25: 1

Kelpeat is organic Manure prepared from natural material and variation in the properties is expected.
Kelpeat is not a fertilizer though it contains small percentage of major and micronutrients.
Kelpeat or Kelpeat Plus should be used for hardening of tissue culture plantlets only on a selective basis.
•  It improves water holding capacity upto 500% by weight
•  Soil erosion can be reduced by regular application of cocopeat
•  It helps to retain chemical fertilizers in the plant root zone for a longer period
•  It reduces watering frequency in garden crops
•  It increases soil respiration and helps plants to develop strong and healthy root systems
•  It can be used for germination of Hybrid flower and vegetable seeds
•  It improves microbial activities in the soil.
•  Cocopeat Plus helps in breaking up hard and compacted soil rendering it suitable for growth, giving plant life a long lasting effect.
•  It aids irrigation of new soil structure.
•  It eliminates the need for topsoil.
•  It also helps in neutralizing pH of acidic / saline soils.

•  Seed Germination
•  Potting Mix
•  New Lawns
•  Home garden
•  Rooting Media
•  Floriculture
•  Vegetable cultivation
•  Dry land agriculture
•  Plantations
•  Forestry

Cocopeat is the best Plant Product

Cocopeat acts as a natural reservoir for essential nutrients, providing a balanced and nutrient-rich medium for plant growth. Its ability to hold and release nutrients as needed contributes to the sustained health and vigor of plants. This makes cocopeat an effective and efficient fertilizer product. Being a byproduct of coconut processing, cocopeat aligns with eco-friendly and sustainable agricultural practices. Its production repurposes a material that would otherwise be discarded, contributing to the reduction of waste. Cocopeat's eco-friendly nature makes it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious farmers and gardeners.

Benefits of using Cocopeat

  • Suitable for various plants: Cocopeat's drainage properties make it ideal for plants that prefer well-draining mixes, such as cacti, succulents, and orchids. It can also be mixed with other components to create a balanced mix for other plant types.
  • Promotes healthy roots: The good aeration cocopeat provides allows for optimal root development and oxygen circulation, crucial for plant health.
  • Reduces risk of fungal diseases: Cocopeat's natural properties help suppress the growth of some fungal pathogens that can harm plants.
  • A long-lasting growing medium: Cocopeat decomposes slowly, so you won't need to repot your plants as frequently compared to traditional potting mixes.