Kelbrick: The Coir Pith (Cocopeat Block) Revolutionizing Home Gardens

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KELBRICK-Growing Medium For Plants

Keltech Energies is the leading B2B and B2C Company in Horticulture all over India, we manufacturers Kelbrick best horticulture products as our Kelbrick block is free from weed and pathogen, this product is the best growing media for growth of plant. This agriculture product is eco friendly helps water retention for plants. Kelbrick is made from coir pith, a natural and sustainable material derived from the husks of coconuts. The coir pith is cleaned, dried, and compressed into a compact block for easy storage and transportation.When rehydrated with water, the Kelbrick block expands significantly, transforming into a lightweight and well-draining growing medium. This is ideal for most plants, especially those susceptible to root rot from overwatering.

Kelbrick is a compressed block made from cleaned, dried and sieved coir pith. Sourced from low sodium coir. The blocks are free from weeds and pathogen and have a safe PH and EC value to ensure proper growth of plants.

•  Block Size: 30 cm X 30 cm X 15 cm
•  Compression: 5:1
•  Expansion: 1:5
•  EC: 0.05 d s/m
•  PH: 5.5 to 6.5
•  Moisture: <20%
•  N: < 0.02%
•  P2O5: < 0.5%
•  Appearance: Brownish with approx 10% of cut fibre
•  Weight: 5Kg [±5%]

•  Water retention
•  Increased aeration
•  Quick Wetability
•  Excellent potting medium
•  Eco friendly organic manure

•  Potting mix
•  Hanging Pots
•  Flower beds
•  Vegetable beds
•  Landscaping
•  Lawn
•  Floriculture
•  Roof gardening

Cocopeat is the best Plant Product

Cocopeat acts as a natural reservoir for essential nutrients, providing a balanced and nutrient-rich medium for plant growth. Its ability to hold and release nutrients as needed contributes to the sustained health and vigor of plants. This makes cocopeat an effective and efficient fertilizer product. Being a byproduct of coconut processing, cocopeat aligns with eco-friendly and sustainable agricultural practices. Its production repurposes a material that would otherwise be discarded, contributing to the reduction of waste. Cocopeat's eco-friendly nature makes it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious farmers and gardeners.

Benefits of using Cocopeat

  • Suitable for various plants: Cocopeat's drainage properties make it ideal for plants that prefer well-draining mixes, such as cacti, succulents, and orchids. It can also be mixed with other components to create a balanced mix for other plant types.
  • Promotes healthy roots: The good aeration cocopeat provides allows for optimal root development and oxygen circulation, crucial for plant health.
  • Reduces risk of fungal diseases: Cocopeat's natural properties help suppress the growth of some fungal pathogens that can harm plants.
  • A long-lasting growing medium: Cocopeat decomposes slowly, so you won't need to repot your plants as frequently compared to traditional potting mixes.